Our concept

Explore the unique essence of Shoreditch at our lounge, where Mediterranean warmth meets the dynamic energy of art and live music. Embrace the vibrant rhythms of live performances, enhancing your evenings every Thursday, and immerse yourself in our monthly art exposition events. These gatherings unite artists, musicians, and the local community, creating an unparalleled experience in the area. Our skilled mixologists serve up exuberant cocktails, turning each drink into an adventure of flavours, promising new discoveries with every sip. Alfie's boasts a distinctive ambience and stellar service, setting the perfect scene for any event - from laid-back happy hours to exhilarating nightlife explorations. Complement your drink with our appetising Mediterranean selections, designed to enhance the tasting experience. For a night filled with captivating stories for your palate and a cultural feast that engages all senses, Alfie's stands out as the must-visit destination in Shoreditch.